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To save more weight it was decided to replace the existing Sport350 seats with a pair of carbon shelled race seats. The Sport350 seats are very good, but are heavy. This would also enable the use of full race harnesses. A pair of Corbeau seats were selected and MHR arranged for the fabrication of some Willans harnesses, as used in the race car. The harnesses are a custom length for the Esprit.

The passenger seat is a little wider than the driver seat to afford some additional comfort. The seats are fixed to be as low to the floor as possible. This, in conjunction with the carbon roof panel, help to accommodate a helmet clad driver.


Once the race seats were installed it became clear that a detachable steering wheel would ease access. A suitable race wheel was chosen and the necessary changes were made to fit the removable boss on the steering column. The column was cut and the new spline welded in place. The horn buttons were added and are connected via a socket underneath the steering cowling.

A custom boost gauge and pod were also added and fitted above the drivers side air vent. The shift lights are housed in a small carbon pod fitted to the top of the instrument binnacle.


A FIA fire extinguisher system (also from the ‘clone’) was fitted to protect the engine and driver in the event of fire. The power pack is fitted in a carbon panel and can be triggered internally or externally. The external trigger can be disabled to stop any accidental firing. There is also a remote battery isolator that has internal and external triggers.