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Second test drive following MoTeC installation September ´03

The project car is now completed and fitted with Penske rose-jointed dampers with lower poundage springs. The engine is running MoTeC M800 ECU and is fitted with the MoTeC ADL.

Returned to UK to co-inside with the Yahoo Alton Towers weekend. Met up with Rob C, Rob Ellis and Andy Baxter at Strensham Services. Went for a quick blast up the M5 before heading off to Alton Towers to meet up with the group.

“Push the start button and the engine burst into life. It settles and runs very smoothly on the MoTeC ECU and the exhaust note, although still muted by the presence of the CATs, is very nice.

I´m reminded of the paddle clutch and the car judders as I try to move away from stand-still. Once the first open stretch of road it became obvious that the extra power has really transformed the car. The acceleration under boost is breathtaking. The revs rise so quickly and the shift lights demand another gear almost instantly. The performance from level of power to weight is going to be addictive. The transmission oil cooler is very noisy as is the whole of the cabin when travelling at anything more and about 50mph.

The ride is much more compliant now and even though the suspension is rose-jointed, the ride quality is much better. The lower spring poundage works well with the Penske dampers – the suspension is very crisp but still affected heavily by surface imperfections. The brakes are unchanged and feel incredibly strong and secure.

I have to say that I´m extremely happy with the work that Mike Haines Racing have done on the car. It looks and feels very much the racer and I can´t wait to get it on a decent circuit”