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GT1 moves back home October 2018

(Re-)Acquisition of GT1 Project October 18
In late Summer 2018, I received contact from the owner of Project GT1 stating that he was finally ready to part with the car.  Two years had past and it was a very pleasant surprise to hear back from him.  I had not completely given up hope, but it was still an amazing moment when realising that I may get the car back after all.

Once again I arranged to meet the seller and view the car.  Discussions progressed and in early October, I purchased the car once again.  I was very grateful to the owner who had kept all of the original documents.  Every receipt and service appointment documents.  As the Project has been sat for some time without us, I will be undertaking a thorough overhaul prior to running the car again. There will be some changes to the set-up, including an engine update/upgrade.  The car will need a new transmission solution at some point, but first the car needs to run and put some miles on what will be a fresh engine.   Summer 2019 will see further news updates.