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Engine rebuild update July 2008

What a saga! The engine must be confused it has been in an out so many times...... Following leaks from oil cooler hoses and faulty camshaft/cam idler seals, the engine is finally back in good shape and installed in the back of the Esprit.

After the last oil leaks, the car was returned to SWLC to remedy the fault. To limit the chances of damage, the rear wing, complete front-end, side panels and diffuser were all removed before the car was collected. Unfortunately, on the return from SWLC the carbon fibre rear deck de-bonded itself from the hinge. Luckily the damage can be fixed without too much drama.

Here are some images of the car as it returned from SWLC:

The car is now waiting for the final updates and tweaks from the Motec guru. I hope that this work will be completed sometime in August, so I can arrange to collect the car before Summer 2008 is completely over.

Watch this space for more news on further developments (e.g. single turbo conversion).