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Engine rebuild update April 2008

The engine rebuild was completed without incident by Phil from SWLC.
Even though the majority of the parts required for the rebuild were provided, the total bill still came to just over 5K !

The engine is now being re-installed in the chassis and should be ready for starting-up once the new fabricated front coolant radiator is installed.


As an additional precaution, the chargecooler bodies were opened-up and ultrasonically cleaned.

Hopefully the engine will be running again before the end of April - in plenty of time for the Spring.

Here are some images showing the comparison between the standard OEM radiator and the new fabricated one. The intension was to use the biggest core possible and to take advantage of the fact that there is no AC. Given the size difference of the cores, I would estimate that it is practically double the capacity - that should represent the end of any potential cooling issues.

The last image shows the position of the chargecooler radiator in-front of the main coolant rad.